Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Christian Footprint

Recently, I started thinking about my Christian footprint.  You hear a lot of talk in the media about environmental footprints but you don't hear much about Christian footprints.  What footprint or legacy will I leave?  What is the best way to stay focused on my Christian walk and keep my eyes on the finish line? 

While searching the internet, I discovered a blog called Operation Actually Read Bible.  It was set up by Becky who wanted a place to keep track of her Bible reading and goals.  Her blog inspired me to start a similar project.  By establishing goals and posting them on this blog, it will help me to stay focused on the finish line.

Will this help anyone else with their walk?  I don't know.  In the words of Tony Evans, it's time to get serious about my Bible study.  No more excuses.  It is time to set goals and achieve them.  Our spiritual growth is a vital part of a Christian life.

"Time to Get Serious" and "No More Excuses" are two excellent books by Pastor Tony Evans.

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