Thursday, September 13, 2012

My TBR List

I decided I had to start keeping track of my massive "To Be Read" list.  This is not all of the books but it is a start.  The list begins with the first of this year.  Each year I will draw a line through the books I read.  Updates will follow.


Adena, Alex-Signs and Wonders

Augustine-The Confessions of Saint Augustine


Barclay, William-The Gospel of Mark

Barclay, William-The Letters of James and Peter
Bargerhuff, Eric J.-The Most Misused Verses in the Bible
Bartlett, R. E.-The Personifid Invasion
Blackaby, Henry T. & Claude V. King-Experiencing God
Bridges, Jerry-Transforming Grace
Brouwer, Sigmund-Death Trap
Bunyan, John-Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners


Carolan, Scott-Life Group Guide:  1 Corinthians 1-3 

Chesterton, G. K.-Heretics
Chesterton, G. K.-Orthodoxy
Chesterton, G. K.- Saint Francis
Chesterton, G. K.-The New Jerusalem
Chinchen, Palmer-God Can't Sleep
Creed, Frank-Flashpoint


Davis, Bryan-Raising Dragons

Davis, Bryan-Nightmare's Edge
Davis, Bryan-Eternity's Edge
Davis, Bryan-Beyond the Reflection's Edge
Dekker, Ted-Adam
Dekker, Ted-Blink
Dekker, Ted-Showdown
Dekker, Ted-Skin
Dekker, Ted-Thr3e
Dekker, Ted-The Bride Collector
Dekker, Ted-The Circle 1:  Black
Dekker, Ted-The Circle 2:  Red
Dekker, Ted-The Circle 3:  White
Dekker, Ted-The Slumber of Christianity
Dekker, Ted & Erin Healy-Burn
DeYoung, Kevin-The Hole in Our Holiness
Dickson, Athol-Winter Haven
Dodson, Brandt-Daniel's Den
Dodson, Brandt-White Soul 


Edwards, Jonathan-Selected Sermons of Jonathan Edwards
Evans, Tony-The Battle is the Lord's
Evans, Tony-The Perfect Christian
Evans, Tony-The Victorious Christian Life
Evans, Tony-What a Way to Live!
Evans, Tony-What Matters Most
Ewen, Pamela Binnings-Secret of the Shroud


Fabry, Chris-Almost Heaven
Foster, Richard J.-Celebration of Discipline
Fox, Richard Wightman-Jesus in America


Gregory, David-The Next Level
Gundry, Robert H.-Commentary on Revelation


Hancock, Karen-Light of Eidon
Hayes, J. Daniel & Tremper Longman III-The Message of the Prophets
Hileman, John Michael-Messages
Hughes, Kent R.-Genesis:  Beginning and Blessing


Ingermanson, Randy & John Olson-The Fifth Man
Ingermanson, Randy & John Olson-Oxygen


Jeremiah, David-The Handwriting on the Wall
Jeremiah, David-Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World


Kempis, Thomas A.-The Imitation of Christ


LaHaye, Tim-Jesus:  Why the World is Still Fascinated by Him
Law, William-A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
Lindsay, Ernie-The Two Crosses
Litton, Matt-The Mockingbird Parables
Lucado, Max-Fearless
Lucado, Max-God's Story, Your Story
Lucado, Max-Grace
Luther, Martin-Concerning Christian Liberty
Lutzer, Erwin-Why the Cross Can Do What Politics Can't


Maier, Paul-The Constantine Codex
McGrath, Alister E.-The Unknown God
Miller, Calvin-The Disciplined Life
Moody, D. L.-Men of the Bible
Morrisey, Tom-In High Places
Murphy, Walter F.-Upon This Rock:  The Life of St. Peter
Murray, Andrew-The Master's Indwelling
Myers, Bill-Soul Tracker


Nuenke, Doug-Making Waves


Owens, Tim-The Search Committee


Packer, J. I.-Growing in Christ
Parrish, Robin-Corridor
Parrish, Robin-Relentless
Parrish, Robin-Vigilante
Pawlik, Tom-Valley of the Shadow
Peretti, Frank-Illusion
Peretti, Frank-Monster
Peretti, Frank & Ted Dekker-House
Peterson, Eugene-Eat This Book
Peterson, Eugene-Leap Over a Wall
Pink, Arthur-The Sermon on the Mount
Piper, John-Desiring God



Roever, Dave-Scarred
Ruchti, Cynthia-They Almost Always Come Home


Saint John of the Cross-The Dark Night of the Soul
Saint Teresa of Avila-Interior Castle
Setzer, Stoney-Zero Hour:  Stories of Spiritual Suspense
Sharp, Carolyn J.-Old Testament Prophets for Today
Shepherd, Linda Evans-When You Can't Find God
Sire, James W.-How to Read Slowly
Stanley, Charles-Handle With Prayer
Stendal, Russell-The Book of Daniel
Strobel, Lee-The Case for Christ


Tchividjian, Tullian-Jesus + Nothing = Everything
Thrasher, Travis-The Promise Remains
Thrasher, Travis-Solitary
Tozer, A. W.-The Pursuit of God




Wangerin, Walter-Paul:  A Novel
Wesley, John-The Teachings of John Wesley
Willard, Dallas-The Divine Conspiracy 



Yancey, Philip-Prayer
Yancey, Phlip-Rumors of Another World


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